Four Home Improvements That Attract Existing Homebuyers

Certain home improvements are more appealing to prospective buyers than others. Popular renovations and trendy designs can help homes stand out in competitive real estate markets. Consider these four improvements before putting your home on the market.

1. Large Shower

Real estate agents used to warn against removing bathtubs before reselling a home. Large showers are now considered to be one of the most important features of well-designed and functional bathrooms. Young, first-time homebuyers are impressed by multiple heads and body sprayers. Consider repurposing square footage to replace an outdated tub with a larger stand-up shower. Choose gleaming tiles and clear glass enclosures for new fixtures.

2. White Cabinetry

White cabinetry, preferably accessorized with modern brass or steel hardware, is popular with today’s homebuyers. Warm tones should be avoided in the kitchen during renovation planning. Although classic, dark wood tends to enclose spaces and create a sense of confinement. Bright and white kitchens with plenty of natural light and pops of color from plates or baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables are the new trend.

3. Simple Stone Countertops

Traditional kitchen designers Houston, understandably, are obsessed with granite. Granite is a beautiful, long-lasting material used for kitchen countertops in high-end homes. Younger buyers, on the other hand, prefer monochromatic materials in the kitchen. A simpler design allows for a cleaner, more consistent look. Instead of shiny lacquer, consider investing in quartz or honed granite, which has a matte finish. A cleaner appearance, on the other hand, causes more upkeep to prevent scratching and remove food-related stains, so scrub surfaces before an open house or inspection.

4. Character Embellishments

Molding has always been appealing to homebuyers in moderation. There are numerous ways to detail a room’s walls, ceilings, and seams. Crown molding, baseboards, plank walls, bead boards, and exposed wooden beams are just a few ways to give homes a rustic or traditional feel. Exposed wood can be overdone; a completely brown paneled room is a huge turnoff for house hunters looking for modern spaces. Trimmings can help you achieve a balance of classic and modern styles.

Wrap Up

Don’t restrict the pool of potential buyers by adhering too strictly to popular home upgrades. As always, keep things simple so that homebuyers can imagine their personality and customization in each room.