Five Important Things to Consider Before the Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom forms the central part of every house. It is a key room in any home where it serves a fundamental hygienic function, but it is also a place to relax by taking a bath or a shower and getting ready. Below are the five crucial things to consider before remodeling your bathroom.

1. How big is my room?

How big is the room? Make a floor plan that contains the size of your room. It will assist you in determining whether you have a wall or closet that can be demolished to extend your area. Do you have enough space to replace your present cupboards, bathtub, shower, vanity, or toilet with a larger model? Keep your floor layout in a notebook so you may refer to it while acquiring new items and fixtures.

2. Design your space

You now have a concept, and it is being developed. Consider hiring a bathroom remodeler in Houston TX, since they will be familiar with the specific requirements for getting the project started and the construction codes that must be followed. An expert will also guide about house remodeling, and on what will work with your given space and provide further ideas, especially if you have neglected some essential bathroom design features. If your design requires a greater space than you have, the Architect can also advise you on how to cut into another portion of your home as efficiently as possible.

3. Lighting

Consider installing recessed lighting lights across your ceiling to enliven the space. Install a dimmer switch to control the lighting in your bathroom. You should think about how you will use your bathroom mirror and if you want aesthetic or useful illumination. Whether you are doing make-up or shaving, bright light fixtures strategically positioned will assist you to see what you’re doing up close.

4. Bathroom Ventilation

By regulation, all bathrooms must have ventilation, such as a properly sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan. Consider both the exhaust capacity (or how many cubic feet of air per minute they can move) and the noise levels of bathroom fans. Because of the small size of the restrooms, even a moderately noisy bathroom fan might be excessively loud.

5. Bathroom Mirrors

Most people associate mirrors in restrooms with checking their makeup or hair. However, mirrors in bathrooms should be viewed as design components that visually enlarge the space and provide light. Many homeowners choose to put a second mirror over the bathroom sink, besides the primary mirror. Use bigger mirrors that cover the full wall in tiny bathrooms.

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